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CyberWarrior Competition


Announcement: A participant at CyberWarrior needs to bring your own laptop for this competition.

The SVCSI hosts an annual cybersecurity competition called the fourth CyberWarrior cybersecurity competition in 2023. The CyberWarrior will use a Capture-the-Flag (CTF) platform that includes jeopardy and a hacking playground. It will be a part of the SVCC 2023 event in person and will last for five hours from 1:00 p.m. - 6 p.m. on May 17, 2023. The goal of the Competition is to create an enjoyable and interactive hands-on learning experience to improve cybersecurity skills through problem-solving techniques and intelligent hacking systems including software, networks, and the web.

CyberSecWarrior Competition Chairs

  • Yeongjin Jang, Oregon State University

  • Sang-Yoon Chang, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs      

  • Kelei (Jackie) Zhang, FHSU


The CTF competition is designed for everybody who has no previous course experience studying and researching cybersecurity. This competition fits professional cybersecurity practitioners who have more experience in cybersecurity, as there are many flags with varying difficulties/points from the beginner to the advanced level. A short demonstration will be conducted before the actual competition to introduce the game rules and how to navigate the competition systems. In particular, we strongly encourage underrepresented students (Hispanics, women, Mexicans, etc.) to participate in this

CyberWarrior competition, but not limited to.


Here are our goals and missions.

  • Learning hacking techniques in real environments

  • Improving your knowledge and skills

  • Learning cybersecurity techniques through Hands-on labs

  • Collaborate with your friends and professionals

  • Outreach to other communities through this competition-based training experience in the future



  • Registration deadline: April 29, 2023, 11:59 pm PST (Final Firm!!!)

  • CyberWarrior Competition: May 17, 2023, at IEEE SVCC 2023

  • Award announcement: May 19, 2023, at IEEE SVCC 2023

  • No refund is available after purchasing the ticket due to the tight schedules.

CyberWarrior Awards

We will provide an Amazon or Visa gift card and an award certificate for all competition winners

  • Select the top 3 professional levels ($300 per person)

  • Select the top 10 undergraduate students ($300 per person) (Note that we also encourage high school students to participate in this competition as this undergraduate division.)

  • We select 5 students (Honorable Mention Awards) who can receive a free conference registration ticket (without travel costs) for SVCC 2024. (We cannot exchange this complimentary conference ticket with cash.)

  • Note that the competition award ceremony is on May 19, 2023 at 12 - 2 p.m. Lunch will be provided. You must come to the ceremony to receive your certificate with the award. No show no award!!!! Your award will be given to the next available person if you are not present in the ceremony on 5/19


Competition Information

  • Basically, anyone can participate in this competition. We divide two tiers: the student tier and the professional tier. The professional tier includes industry people, and master and doctoral students who are not college students. College students and high school students will be considered as a student tier.

  • This is an individual game, so there is no need to form your team to participate. However, you can find your one teammate if needed. Up to 2 people per group are allowed to work together. The award must be shared by your group members. We will check it on May 17, 2023. You don’t need to inform us about your team in advance. You can find your partner through our conference, too.


  • Underrepresented groups include, and are not limited to those who are women, African American, LatinX, American Indian or Alaska Native. You can also refer to the definition of underrepresented groups in STEM used by the National Science Foundation (NSF) here.


  • Conference-registered users can participate in this event for free. But non-registered users need to pay a $100 registration fee for professionals who are in the professional tier.  Students need to register for CyberWarrior with $25. We will contact you to check your student’s status for sure.

Registration: All of the participants for CyberWarrior need to register for it by April 29, 2023

​Note that the SVCSI member can get a 10% discount for registration. You can buy the membership at the SVCSI website. After purchasing the membership, please contact us ( to get the promotion code. 

  • Conference Registered Users: You need to register for the SVCC 2023 conference after March 1, 2023.

  • Non-conference Registered Users:

    • The student-tier group:  $35 ( Note that one lunch buffet ticket (value with $70) on May 17 is included.)

    • Others: $100 ( Note that one lunch buffet ticket on May 17 is included.)

    • Note that users who register for only CyberWarrior need to attend the competition only. 

    • For the conference users who want to attend the entire conference program, you need to register for the SVCC conference at

Evaluation Process

The competition committee will rank each participant based on the total scores by combining the score of your jeopardy scores (A) and your hacking challenges scores (B). To standardize the final competition scores, we will take 50% of your forensics scores (A) and your hacking challenges scores (B) (Total = A + B) to make 100%. We will discover our final score sheet for participants. The detailed scoring system will be introduced during the training session. The CTF competition utilizes an auto-grade system where every time a player submits a flag it immediately grades it. 

Competition Rules

  • The competition has a variety of challenges for participants to solve, feel free to choose any challenge that is available to you.

    • Note that each of your solutions may unlock new challenges, so you should be aware of what is currently available and what are the new ones.

  • The minimum hardware requirements include a laptop that can access the Internet with a working browser installed (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.). You will also need your smartphone.

  • All publicly available information can be utilized, this includes search results from Google, publicly accessible websites, etc.

  • Sharing of flags/information/collaboration during the competition is prohibited.

Please contact if you have a question

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