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Accepted Papers

Creating False Cache Hits and Misses To Mitigate Side-Channel Attacks

Fernando Mosquera, Krishna Kavi, Gayatri Mehta and Lizy John

Malware Detection through Contextualized Vector Embeddings

Vinay Pandya and Fabio Di Troia

Anomaly Detection in Embedded Devices Through Hardware Introspection

David Llanio Reyes, Alexander Perez-Pons and Rogelio Bofill

Autonomous Lending Organization on Ethereum with Credit Scoring

Thomas Austin, Katerina Potika and Chris Pollett

BlockNIC: SmartNIC assisted Blockchain

Eish Kapoor, Gavin Jampani and Sean Choi

Privacy-Preserving Trust Management For Vehicular Communications and Federated Learning

SangHyun Byun, Arijet Sarker, Ken Lew, Jugal Kalita and Sang-Yoon Chang

Multivariate Time Series Anomaly Detection with Deep Learning Models Leveraging Inter-Variable Relationships

Changmin Seong, Jiho Jang, Dongjun Lim, Jonghoon Lee, Jong-Geun Park and Yun-Gyung Cheong

HoneyContainer: Container-based Webshell Command Injection Defending and Backtracking

Kuan-Chie Wang, Jie Zhang, Wei-Jun Cheng, Min-Te Sun, Kazuya Sakai and Wei-Shinn Ku

Lightweight and Effective Website Fingerprinting over Encrypted DNS

Yong Shao, Kenneth Hernandez, Kia Yang, Eric Chan-Tin and Mohammed Abuhamad

WebTracker: Real Webbrowsing Behaviors

Daisy Reyes, Eno Dynowski, Taryn Chovan, John Mikos, Eric Chan-Tin, Mohammed Abuhamad and Shelia Kennison

Juno: Automated Creation of Vulnerable Practice Networks

Casey Colley, Arian Ghorbani, Carter MacNab, Alexander Marx and Yeongjin Jang

EGO-6: Enhancing Geofencing Security Systems with Optimal Deployment of 6G TRPs

Alireza Famili, Angelos Stavrou, Haining Wang and Jung-Min Park

OFMCDM/IRF: A Phishing Website Detection Model based on Optimized Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision-Making and Improved Random Forest

Md Abdullah Al Ahasan, Mengjun Hu and Nashid Shahriar

Autonomous Network Defense using Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning

Robert G. Campbell, Magdalini Eirinaki and Younghee Park

Trustworthy of Implantable Medical Devices using ECG Biometric

Nima Karimian, Sara Tehranipoor and Thomas Lyp

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